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On-site Executive Training


This site is intended to explain the new ideas of economics. The modelling and the decision making consequent to the adoption of a new economic framework where complexity and money are taken into proper account can be highly beneficial to Asset Management.

To help asset managers familiarize with these new ideas I offer on site executive courses. On site courses can be tailored to the needs of clients. A typical basic on site course is articulated in four modules of one and a half hours.

  1. Module 1 discusses the basic economic ideas and makes a link to finance

  2. Module 2  discusses the predator-prey modelling strategy and introduce the participant to the Stock-Flow-Consistent modelling strategy

  3. Module 3 discusses valuation in the new framework and compares it with valuation in the classical mainstream framework

  4. Module 4 discusses forecasting and systemic risk in the new economic framework


Each course includes examples and simulations. It is required that participants be familiar with Matlab or R.

If you want to discuss an on site executive training or get a quote of a basic course please send an email to:

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