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Sergio Focardi, PhD

This section contains links to a number of commentaries I have written on topics related to new economic thinking. These commentaries focus on different aspects of changes that I think would serve to give Economics a more solid empirical grounding.

The following commentaries are currently available:

  • Structure, complexity, and intrinsic qualities

  • Struttura, complessità e qualità intrinseche (Testo in italiano)

  • A complex systems theory of economics

  • A new framework for economic growth theory

  • Can we predict market crashes?

  • Tutto cio che vorreste sapere sul denaro ma…..(Testo in italiano)

  • Climate changes and qualitative growth

  • Cambiamenti climatici e crescita qualitativa (Testo in italiano)

  • Closing the circle


Click on Commentaries to pull down the menu and select the commentary of your choice.

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