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Qualitative economies and social equality: the key is the enjoyment of life

The green transition probably requires the transition to a more qualitative economy. But what kind of culture fosters social equality? Our cultures are tied to the notion of possession. The social goal today is to own larger and more expensive objects. It is a trend that we can see in everyday life.

A cultural change that puts the emphasis on the enjoyment of life rather than on the possession of things is needed. In fact, possession of larger and larger objects creates practically limitless differences. The symbolism associated with objects makes differences even larger.

A culture based on the enjoyment of life is by nature egalitarian as the enjoyment of life is by nature egalitarian. If we really genuinely want to enjoy life, nature, sexuality, beauty, culture, we are not engaged in an exercise of competition but rather in an exercise of sharing.

In two words, the cultural change that is required is this: genuinely love life, enjoy what one does rather than to enjoy possession, reduce the competition to own the largest and most expensive object.

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